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About Us

/ECC is an e-commerce enabler increasing traffic to your online business

Why a new tool?

ECE or E-Commerce Enabler was the logical follow up to the development of a small company in southern France. Founded by Mike and Laurence Castro Demaria in 2010 with the simple goal to produce an e-commerce web service that makes customers happy, Ultra Prod SAS has become a well-known reference for online services in the area. Ultra Prod SAS continually strives to give customers the tools and information they need to manage their services and content successfully.

About Us

Why us?

With a friendly approach and a team vision to «be there when the client needs you», Ultra Prod has developed its first tool called ECC or E-Commerce Configurator. It is a multi-supplier multi-marketplace workflow for catalogues and orders. The ECC is a solution that facilitates the sale of online products. If you are a professional online seller who is looking for an easy way to manage sales workflow, this tool was built for you. After establishing strong relationships with different marketplaces, suppliers and e-commerce CMS’s, the Ultra Prod team is ready for the new challenge – the ECE. On this site, you can see all the features of the platform that is optimized for small and medium sellers with training offers that follow the company’s vision: «be there when the client needs your support».


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