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For even more options, we offer a set of options so you can customize our service to meet your usage needs.


Some Marketplaces offer the possibility of recovering rates and lowest shipping costs and / or higher on competing offers to the customer’s catalogue.

We offer you either:

  • If you are just interested by this information only, they can download daily reports.
  • Or we can automatically adjust the price of our catalogue with high and low limits.

The repricing functionality is available at 10 € HT / month per MarketPlace account.

Custom Exports

Create custom data export for your products or sales. You can also automate these exports to make it be available permanently.

On Holiday Settings

With one click only, disable your catalogs from all marketplaces, if it’s time to recharge the batteries.

Invoices & Delivery Notes

For each order you can download delivery notes (with bar code for tracking) and invoice, customised with your header. These invoices are always available for download if your client needs it.

And a range of other safety tools

We offer of course many more features for optimizing and securing your day to day trade.

Import data's verification

Any file manipulation by you or your employees is non-risk-free, because unfortunately a mistake is always posible.

That’s why we provide data check on integration, in all packages option. You will be notified immediately by email if there is a potential error on a price, or potentially erroneous reference.

Custom Imports

Your exporting management tool knows only a few formats, no problem, the ECE suits your needs to simplify the management of your data stream by customisable import template.

EAN Search & Product's Information

EAN are mandatory in most product categories today, which is why we offer through our partner IceCat, the ability to retrieve product information you need, including the EAN of course.

Alert Service

A batch retrieval problem, or untreated order from two days? You will be alerted by email in these cases.